No, we are not anything like a hotel, where check in might take five minutes at the most, you are basically on your own, and you don't meet anybody else. By the way - except for the very very high end accomodation-offerings in Valencia - at most locations one does not speak any other language but Spanish. As we are fluent in English, French, German, Dutch (and a little bit of Italian) you can count on a pleasant and understandable communication. We strongly believe in taking the time for our guests, and do our very best to make your experience very personal. Of course we realize the need for privacy, but we try to offer a more personalized experience with the opportunity to get to know each other, and other likeminded guests as well. If 100 % privacy is your deal, we can offer you a self catering apartment unit, but if you are in the mood for a shared authentic experience, we recommend you to reserve one of our private rooms with Bed And Breakfast Butler Service (™) included.

Some people say we are like a resort, because we offer a first class service in a very elegant setting, including a fabulous five star Cava-Champagne breakfast , included laundry service, daily cleaning ' maid & butler-service ' and the possibility of booking in-house expert relaxing massages, and use of our early bird meditation room . With a very personal 'Welcome to Valencia'-package we make sure all guests feel at home right away, and with a fine selection of local treats and sparkling beverages, upon your arrival we will take up to an hour to point out all well known - and ' off the beaten track ' sites that Valencia has to offer. Visiting us means it is all about you , and we take credit in building individual initiaries, based on your personal likes and interests, may you be: an art-addict, foodie, architecture-fan or beach-lover. The elegant decor in your home away from home is authentic, original,and inspiring, with lots of books, art and design in a completely Ikea-free and stimulating, yet tranquil environment. How ever, we would like to point out that we are not a resort in the traditional sense of the word, as our most central city-location does not offer a pool with lounge chairs, nor do we 'nickel and dime' you for beverages from the donation based mini-bar… And maybe more important: opposed to exorbitant rates of a traditional resorts you might find our rates from fifty euro per person per night surprisingly affordable.

Yes, the services we would like to offer you could best be described as a ' Bed & Breakfast '-concept - where you are a guest in a private elegant home owned by locals offering plenty of local tips and pampering - sure applies to us, but with the artistic original decor and all the extra services we offer, we would like to think we go beyond the standard offerings of a traditional Bed and Breakfast. Our award winning Five Star Champagne Breakfast could easily be compared to any breakfast-experience offered by five star hotels. Furthermore, what traditional bed and breakfast offers in house massage-services, a meditation room, complementary WiFi, free laundry service and a donation based well stocked minibar?

Valencia Mindfulness Retreat drawing