Yoga & Meditation

Yoga in Valencia

With responsible and healthy travel in mind, we have always made health, wellness and wellbeing the number one focus for our guests in Valencia. If you are looking for English spoken yoga in Valencia, Pilates in the park in Valencia or a full body massage in Valencia, you have found your personal retreat in Valencia. Without the tight schedules of usual yoga retreats, we offer healthy options ´only for those in the mood´ of course, and at any time this is convenient for you. Enjoy private yoga class at sunrise in Valencia with your very own private yoga instructor at the park, or choose any other moment to your convenience for a gentle or strong yoga class in the historical center of Valencia.

The local Valencia yoga teachers offer yoga classes at all levels, as a private class or with a small group at the Turia park at the end of our street or ( in case of private classes ) in the airy patio at the B&B or at our private light and airy yoga and meditation room with French doors opening up to a beautiful Roman church view. The certified and English speaking teachers are trained in Ashtanga yoga, yet are also experienced in giving a gentle Hatha / Flow yoga class at any level.

The tradition of Ashtanga yoga has a set sequence and leads to a series of poses in a precise order. It can be a very strong class for the more experienced yoga-practicers. During a Vinyasa Flow class, the teacher incorporates similar postures, yet there are more changes in the postures. For beginners and first timers, our teachers have designed a gentle hatha practice. Join us for yoga in Valencia, as a private class, yoga with a friend, or yoga with a small group.

Your wellness team at Bed and Breakfast mindfulness retreat


A citytrip or holiday is not only about seeing new things and exploring a different experience in historic buildings, sights and local cuisine. We believe any trip should not only be stimulating to the senses, it is also important to relax, feel at home after a busy day and treat yourself with some pampering.

Shift to serenity

Apart from feelgood massages, the team of certified and highly experienced English speaking yoga- and pilates instructors are daily available for private- or group classes at all levels. The yoga classes range from gentle hatha yoga, to more advanced ashtanga yoga. The two Valencia Bikram hot yoga studios with special ten day visitors offers, are found at a fifteen minutes´ walk from your Bed and Breakfast.

Stretch, breathe, balance

Private yoga- and pilates classes can be tailored to your specific wishes and experience. Yoga and Pilates classes are given at the B&B location, in the Turia park at the end of the street, or at a school close by depending on demand and availability.


When you are staying at our Bed and Breakfast or at the Private Apartment, we offer 100 % complimentary daily workshops on Mindful Living and Mindfulness meditation as a service to any guest who is in the mood. For those who have a regular meditation practice, it can be motivating to explore new ways of meditation. Also if you have never tried meditation, or if you think it is ´difficult´ for you, you are welcome to join us in the morning for a short and non-floaty meditation practice. Please note that these morning Valencia Meditation Meetings are 100 % free of charge and of course optional. About one third of our guests decide to try it out, and the rest has no interest what so ever, all is good!

What is mindfulness?

The focus of mindfulness is on being fully present, to be aware of who you are and how you are feeling at a specific moment. It is a way to experience things just the way they are. Acceptance of ´what is´, is a key element in being more mindful. We become more mindful by actively seeing, hearing, smelling or feeling, By using the senses in a concentrated way, you teach your brain to become more aware of the ´now´, and in doing so, you shift your mind from thoughts to senses, leading often to serenity and stillness.

What is mindful meditation?

Mindful meditation is a practice where the focus of attention plays a key role. During this form of meditation you practice to become more aware of what is around you. It is also called focused (or concentrative) meditation. This kind of meditation does not have the goal to ´make your head without any thoughts´, as much as we often crave it, it is not a goal in itself. Yet if you are to focus on things you actually experience ( instead of using your brain to think ) a regular practice can make you feel more at ease with yourself and the world.

What is mindful living?

To live more mindful, is to be more aware. By meditation and other practices, it is possible for anyone to slow down the mind. Wether it be by meditation, tasting better, or doing any activity more slowly, it can teach us to be with the breath and calm ourselves down. Mindful living is a practice that can bring patience, and people with a mindful practice often are more relaxed, less prone to stress and anxiety, and even sleep better. To be more mindful is learning the difference between simply reacting and responding, by realising that you are not your thoughts.

What are the techniques based on?

Professor Doctor Jon Kabat-Zinn created the stress-reduction program Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. The MBSR-practice is not a religion, not a cult, and not a church. The practice combines teachings from the East with with modern scientific findings. The clinically proven techniques are used by counselors, hospitals and corporations worldwide.

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

To be more mindful can help people to be more aware of the body, and being less on autopilot. It can help people cope with negative emotions, stress and pain. Mindfulness practices can enhance the connection between our body, our mind and everything else that is around us.