What to see and do in Valencia

There is a great deal more that is lovely and that is interesting in Valencia than you have yet been encouraged to expect. To gain access to the full range of what is valuable, you may need to suspect that the current list of what is worth seeing is radically incomplete, and we will help you to get ready to start expanding.

Valencia for foodies

What are the best restaurants in Valencia? Of course this depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a fine dining experience  in Valencia, the options are numerous. If you´d like to go Michelin, yet keep it affordable, most high end restaurants offer an amazing tasting menu for lunch. Who says a gourmet meal can only be enjoyed during the evening? Try El Poblet or Sucede for a Michelin experience. Other high end restaurants with special flavours are: Ma Khin, Baalbec, Lienzo, Tobiko, Crudo, La Salita, Esencia, Ahuevo and Manaw to name a few. After your arrival at the B&B you just tell us what you are in the mood for that day, and we will make sure to put you in the right direction with many current restaurants ( and all tried out!).

Where to eat the best paella in Valencia? Enjoy paella for lunch on the beach, and not for dinner in the city center. When planning your meals, please keep in mind the Valencia lunch time ( at two pm ) and the Valencia dinner time ( from nine pm ). As most restaurant kitchens in Valencia are closed between four pm and eight / nine pm, your daily lunch at two should be part of your planning because when not used to it, your first bite of food for dinner between nine thirty and midnight comes on a very empty stomach if you have not had a good lunch. While six pm might be the usual dinner time for some non-Spaish people, in Valencia is it merely merienda time: cakes, sweets and other pastries. 

Which are unusual restaurants in Valencia? As restaurants come and go, and even classics go out of fashion, we see it as our B&B-responsibility to weekly visit a new restaurant to make sure our list of favourite restaurants in Valencia is always up to date. From the small local tapas bars just outside the center, to a vegan squat, a new and trendy it-crowd bar, or another unusual place to eat in Valencia, we are sure to always point you in the right direction.

Active Valencia

Where to keep in shape in Valencia? At the Bed and Breakfast you can join in on a wide variety of yoga classes right here in the peaceful meditation room. From a relaxed hatha yoga session to ashtanga at the highest level or pilates in the park, you have come to the right place. The very large Abastos Health Center at a fifteen minute bike ride from the B&B boasts an olympic sized pool, fitness room, spinning room and a spa with sauna at very reasonable prices. 

Many of our guests also enjoy a morning run in the Turia park at the end of our street. with over eight kilometres, perfect for running thanks to its paved areas and areas of solid ground. Run in the Valencia turia park and be surrounded by gardens, fountains and pine forests and get a lovely massage afterwards with our certified and experienced English speaking therapists.

Modern art Valencia

Looking for fresh modern art in Valencia? The IVAM modern art museum would be an excellent choice, yet also the contemporary CENTRO DEL CARMEN is unique in it´s setting and the artists they feature. We once saw room after room in top to bottom colorful grafitti, and also there are often good visual artists working with different media. The mix of the ancient cloister building with avantgarde art is something to experience. Also the often forgotten MUVIM museum (illustrations / photography / modernity) often has unusual expositions. 

But don´t think you need to visit a museum to see art. To encounter the ever present street art of Valencia try meandering through the small streets of the Barrio del Carmen and Botanico district, right in the historical center of Valencia. After a while, you will reckognise your own favourites, be it the work of David de Limon, Julieta XLF, Vinz  or Barbi Kills. The small underground gallery often hosts cool events and most of Valencia´s street artists are in stock with signed prints and some hard to come by originals.

Valencia beaches

What is the best beach of Valencia? The beach(es) of Valencia seems to go on endlessly and each part of the beach attracts a different crowd. The main stretch of the beach ( closest to the harbour at the beginning of the boulevard ) is called Malvarossa. You will find lots of local families with all the traditional bars and restaurants, al the way down to Las Arenas. If you´d like it to be a more trendy ( or touristy as you wish ) you walk all the way to the part of the beach called Patacona. This is where you will find the more international-ish beach clubs, and even further down some very low key chiringuito beach bars, attracting a more alternative crowd. And then, well then there is also Marina Beach Club. A story in itself…

If you´d like to be almost alone on the beach and get there through beautiful nature made up of dunes, rice fields and pine trees, take the bike from the Arts & Sciences buildings in the opposite direction towards Pinedo and further down: El Saler, about ten km to the South of the city. Some beaches on this area are clothing optional.

Secret places in Valencia

Looking for unusual things to do in Valencia? Go and visit that shy Valencian ceramic artist in her studio, even though she does not speak English and does not believe in having a website to advertise her beautiful and fragile work. Do visit those wildly pierced and tattooed girlfriends who just opened a seven table vegan restaurant in their squat just outside the city center. Have the very best lobster you have ever tasted in a very classy affair on a secluded clothing optional beach at just a twenty minute bike ride away or find the only place that shows hand signed prints of Valencia´s best street artists. We will show you the way to Valencia Off The Beaten track and point you to all of Valencia´s hidden gems

Tours in Valencia

Would you like to book a tourguide in Valencia ? There are lots of interesting and fun tours in Valencia. You can explore Valencia by bike on a three hour bike tour, go on a shopping tour or even learn how to make paella in Valencia! From wine-tasting to birdwatching, it´s all at your doorstep. When you choose a tour and a guide, try to find out beforehand how many people are in the tour to get a more personalised experience. Most of our guests like the tours given by Suzie at and also the tours by Fleur come highly recommended. For a highly specialised private tour, we recommend Kate at