Massage in Valencia

The benefits of massage are multiple, wether you need recovery from soft tissue injuries, or if you just feel like treating yourself complete relaxation. Reduce tension, improve your circulation, reduce stress hormones and increase joint mobility and flexibility in a massage tailored to your specific wishes.

The team of qualified and highly experienced english speaking therapists can take away your stress and tension and bring relief with a wide selection of massage therapies tailored to your specific wishes.

You will enjoy your all body massage in our in-house sunny zen massage room. with views of a roman church, the sky, and nothing else. The holistic massages take place between the hours of four pm and nine pm and should be booked at least one day in advance. The therapists work with 100 % natural cold pressed almond oils only, leaving your skin soft and smooth without that sticky feeling of unnatural oils, as it absorbs right into the skin.

Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage consists of a slow and deep massage to relieve the tension caused by bad postures, stress or intensity sports. When the tension is chronic there are adhesions that block the blood circulation which causes pain, limited range of motion and inflammation. The deep tissue massage brings relief and can eliminate those adhesions by working the deeper layers of the muscle. From gentle strokes to firmer pressure the therapist will gradually penetrate the muscle deeper and eliminate the muscular tension.

Sport massage

A sports massage is ideal to prevent muscle injuries through sessions of pre-competition and post-competition massages, so those who are active with sports, yoga or running recovers sooner after activity. The pre-competition massage is aimed at increasing blood circulation, temperature and muscle elasticity by rapid and superficial friction movements. Post-competition massage facilitates the disappearance of contractures and toxins caused by a physical effort is a slow and deep massage

Thai massage

This millennial massage technique combines acupressure points, principles of Ayurveda massage and assisted stretching of Yoga. It is practiced on the floor on a tatami, dressed in comfortable clothes and oil is not used. The therapist uses his feet, knees and hands to perform stretches, pressures and mobilizations. Many people say that it is like a Yoga session without making an effort. Improves flexibility and posture, reduces stress and muscle rigidity.

Breathe out, relax, and let go.

The local therapist will be looking for you in one of the lounge areas a short moment before your treatment, to lead you to the massage room. There you will have time to privately get ready for your massage. It is up to your own personal comfort level of dressing down how to take place on the massage table before the therapist returns. Most people will wear nothing at all, yet some choose underwear bottoms only.

Contribution for your massage session:

60 euro for a full hour
(60 minutes massage)

100 euro for two hours
– with a ten minute focussed interval halfway –
(110 minutes massage)

Beach pilates

A Pilates class class with your private instructor in the Turia park at the end of our street or at the beach will make you feel full of energy. The exercises on the mat increase flexibility, the ability to move with strength and control from the center of the body, also help you master the art of Contrology (the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit). Your experienced teachers have been trained in London in the Classical method. Their aim is to provide high quality teaching of the classical method in a pure, concise and creative way. You’re sure to get an in-depth, dynamic and challenging workout every time.

Your wellness team at Bed and Breakfast mindfulness retreat